mercedes van
  • Mercedes Sprinter Vans (Amazon Branding)
  • Steppers & Side Nerf Bars
  • Backup Cameras and Sensors
  • Built-in Telematics
  • Safety Bulkhead
CAT device - Copy
route mapping
  • Dust proof and drop proof to 6 feet
  • Waterproof - up to 4ft of water for 35min
  • High performance screen - 5" Full High Definition screen with CorningĀ® GlassĀ®
  • Rugged design - non-slip body for wet hands and easy
  • 13MP rear camera W/Flash, 5MP front camera
  • Real-Time package route mapping software
  • Machine Learning/AI optimizes routes over time
  • Advanced performance metrics by route
  • Customer is immediatly notified when packages are delivered
  • Ability to assist drivers if their route is delayed